In production, we use only high-quality timber. The frames of our furniture are mainly made of birch plywood, as well as solid birch and pine. Apart from those wood, we work with a lot of timbers, such as oak, black alder and others.


We offer a wide range of fabrics in different designs and colors. We work with suppliers from all over Europe. All fabrics that we use are high wear resistance and are 100 000 martindail and above.

The materials have the needed certificates for use in all of Europe and the UK.

Natural and artificial Leather

Natural and artificial leather is flexible and durable material. We are able to touch and smell. Tell the difference between the artificial natural.


Metal is a very sturdy and varied material, but must know how to work properly with it. Ease, flexibility, treatment and mechanical durability. It is art in combination with wood. 


We offer metal processing services, MIG and TIG welding. We work with metal and steel. We use tubes, profiles tubes and plates for production.


Color selection is essential to have a right color in a real tone. Painting is one of the last processes we take. That’s why we’re working on it till perfection. Make the final product perfect.


We offer both paint and varnish coloring.

We also offer wood tinting with pickle, as well as various types of varnishes – nitro varnish, polyurethane varnish, water-based varnish and others. 


Fittings for beds and tables. Bed ties and fastenings of the bed. The lift systems of the beds. Leg mounts for table. Desk guides and other type of fasteners and mechanisms. We have everything and much more. 

We offer various types of mechanisms – lifting gas mechanisms for beds, push guides, ordinary guides, various types of joints and many other fittings that can be placed in your desired furniture.