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This is not a surprise to anyone working at Resource Furniture — our furniture is expensive. It’s easy for shoppers to do a little research on the internet and find companies that charge less for wall beds or extending tables – many have already done their comparison shopping before they make an appointment to visit one of our showrooms. So why are they willing to pay more?

  • Our commitment to human rights: economic, social, and cultural. Every company in our global supply chain — from our manufacturers to our installers — treats their employees fairly and ensures their health and safety in the workplace. Our products and product components are manufactured only in countries that conform to the International Bill of Human Rights on issues such as equal pay for equal work, equal protection under the law, freedom of association, the right to own property, and non-discrimination. In other words, the people building, finishing, shipping, and installing Resource Furniture are treated with respect and paid a living wage.That may not be important to the bargain shopper who is looking for a knock-off of our transforming sofa bunk bed, but we believe our customers care not only about the quality of the product, but about the quality of life of the people making the products.
  • The superior quality of our products. You never want a piece of faulty furniture to remind you of the old adage “you get what you pay for,” and buying the cheapest model or brand of a particular item doesn’t always end up being cheaper – especially if it breaks and you need to replace it. High-end murphy beds, in particular, are complex pieces of furniture, so Resource Furniture offers a lifetime guarantee on all the mechanical parts and hardware for all our wall bed systems. Competitors offering cheaper knock-offs offer only a five-year warranty.

    Once again, sound corporate responsibility practices are a factor in making high-quality furniture. When workers are treated with respect and practice their craft in safe and healthy working environments, that’s reflected in the end product.

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