The way wood is treated is important for mechanical strenght and appearance. So we take it very seriously.

By combining traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology, we achieve the best result in the finished product.


The quality of upholstery provides a number of functions ranging from comfort to an aesthetic atmosphere. 

For upholstery we use high-quality and foam density, thanks to which we can create different shapes for your furniture and achieve maximum comfort.


We care for your comfort, so we use only the best quality foam and other padding materials. Also we like to combine different materials to gain maximum comfort.


It’s not easy to find the right tone, but it’s more important to get the best quality out of it. We offer powder coating, wood staining, auto color and lacquer.

We use water base color, car color and powder coat. This is an opportunity to incorporate into your furniture, various materials with different colors and tones.

Design studio

We also help our clients get a better picture of how will the end product look, so we offer sketching and 3D visualisations as well, to help our clients get what they really want.

When ordering furniture, our designers can help you choose the right furniture for your choice. And you can order your preferred furniture in 3D visualization to have a much better understanding of how your desires will look in reality.